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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #543

From  on 7/13/98 10:00 PM:

><You ride in it - we have to walk in it and put up with all the files
>because of it!  Not to mention having to get <off of the trail because <you
>can't control those beast!
>I am sure you meant flies :) I not only ride in it, I have sat in it, it has
>actually gotten in our bed and we have slept in it. Probably even ate it
>unknowingly. The problem with horsemen is that they really get immune to
>horse apples. I try and remind as many as I can to respect others. I keep my
>horses moving and the road apples are strung out in tiny apples and they can
>break up and wash away much quicker. I am looking into shit bags for our
>critters to use in S. CA. We use very potent fly repellent. One once mixes

Let me just say that I actually appreciate horse crap out on the trail. 
It's wonderfully soft and doesn't stick to my shoes. Call me twisted, but 
I actually seek it out and step right into it (aaaahhhh, my poor 
rocky-weary feet). 

Thank god for those little pillows on the trail...


diane cohn __________________________________________ diane@wildeye.com

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