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[pct-l] Re: Horses on the trail

<Dane, meadows are not created by sheep.  Sheep are(were) an unnatural part
of the mountain ecosystems in the Sierra.  Horses are, too! 

Sorry to disagree pal, but meadows are created by anything that creates
them. I can go out and create a meadow! Most of the lush meadows we see are
man made. An untrained eye would go "Look at that beautiful natural meadow!"
This meadow could have been made by Indians or maybe some pioneers. My wife
says this all the time and it seems to take away the beauty when I tell her
it was man made, so I refrain. I wish that there were more meadows! It is
apparent every one loves them because hikers swarm to every one along with
deer and elk. I have seen thousands of old man-made meadows in OR, WA, MT,
ID, CA and WY. and very few natural meadows. I am a Naturalist and the
outdoors is my home. I wonder why any body would say that it is unnatural
for me or my horses to be in my own home? I guess living in civilization
makes people think it is unnatural to be in the wilderness. I am just as
much a part of this planet as a tree or coyote and the mountains and
wilderness is where I choose to live. Don't worry, It is such a tough life
that people will choose the city to live over the wilderness. We are care
takers of the planet and a few more meadows would make all of us mountain
inhabitants very happy. 

<In fact the sheep have and are still causing destruction of the <meadows by
eating all of the deep rooted shrubs that hold the soil in <place. 

I have studied game mangement intensively and how proper grazing can
increase elk and moose populations. I have seen it done and have seen the
effects. Any thing that is done improperly can cause ill efects. Yes sheep
eat deep rooted shrubs. These shrubs over-take meadows, followed by trees. I
know more about grazing then you obviousley think. Just because you see an
eroded meadow does not make you an expert. Over grazing and improper grazing
is destructive, but that doesen't mean that all grazing is bad. Some meadows
could lightly be trimed of scraggy trees trying to over-take Or let me come
in and graze it for a week end. I am not a pro sheep herder, I don't even
like sheep! I just hate seeing beautiful meadows being retaken by the
forest.  I do agree with one thing you said:

<I wish the miss-informed would not divulge what they erroneously <believe
to be the truth!"


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