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[pct-l] Oregon Coast

I am giving up in waiting for all the snow to melt on the PCT. We are
wintering over in Selma OR now. My thought would  ride up the Illinois River
Trail, then connect with the Rogue River and ride right to the coast! Spend
the whole summer on the coast eating dried food and mussels! These trails
are awesome but treacherous for pack stock. They are not well known. Each
winter, we enter a strange town looking for work and shelter. We meet all
the locals and find some great places to visit. I do not want to start too
late on the PCT because this will put us in small towns with no work. So I
am going to the coast and will be bouncing around from Ashland, OR. The
coast, Illinois-Rogue Rivers, the Redwoods, and the Oregon Caves. I am
camping now and my poor beat up lap top is still pushing e-mails out. My
modem is all tore apart and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have a bad
habit of trying to fix things but making the problem worse:) I need to
listen to everyone on this list! Hope to keep on-line and let you know how
things go on the coast. I met a lady with a huge 3000 acre horse ranch on
the Pistol River with trails to the beach! Also have connections with
White-water rafting guides! I love rafting and Kayaking!!!! It will be fun
but I still want to get into Southern California and cross the Anza Borrego
Desert to do the Continental Divide Trail! Decisions.


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