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[pct-l] Re: Callihans restuarant

I don't remember seeing a billboard last fall when we packed through that
area. I remember hundreds of buzzards flocked together migrating south. It
was an awesome sight. The freeway was so loud after a whole summer of
wilderness solitude. This is the highest pass for I-5 and the huge trucks
and motor holmes are roaring as they grind up the pass. We tied our pack
animals in some scrubby timber and rode down to Callihan's. The owner
invited us to sleep in the hay loft and we put our horses in his barn. My
horse fought with his between their paddocks. Between the horses fighting
and the freeway noise, it was a long night. We appreciated the hospitality
and we spent about $150 on gourmet dinner, breakfast and expensive drinks!
They were building shower stalls for PCT travelers. If you go there, I am
sure you would be tempted to enter the fancy restaurant. Food is great and
very expensive! Ashland and Medford are a neat cultured area. The day hikers
were quite rude to us here. I seen very little sign of horse tracks or
damage. The many hikers refused to get off the trail but when they seen I
was not going to move, they had no choice. It is impossible to get a whole
pack string off the trail for one day hiker on the side of Mount Ashland! As
we rode by, I could see burning curiosity in their eyes. With our playful
foals bouncing around, Chickens and the solar panels on the pack horses,
they knew we were not out for a Sunday drive. Bless this Great Country!!!!
So fortunate to be able to travel like this!


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