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Re: [pct-l] Update from The VVR

I met John Breen just South of Carson Pass on Saturday,  He was going
strong despite the still heavy snow.  He said that there is still lots of
snow on the north facing slopes while most of the south facing slopes are
free of snow.  He expected to make Echo Lake on midday Sunday and then head
on north on Monday.

> From: Butch Wiggs <VVR@EdisonLake.com>
> To: PCT-L email list <pct-l@saffron.hack.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] Update from The VVR 
> Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 6:20 AM
> Okay. I finally am able to take a minute and do this off line and take a
> shot at getting it out. Again I'm very sorry for our p-poor phone
> system. At&T Wireless just doesn't seem to want to help like they use
> to. If any one has any connections with them let them know how much they
> are needed up here. Many hikers would like to send email. 
> So far we have had John Breen 6/29, Jason Lakey and John Drollette
> 7/3/98, Jim Gwilliam and Graham Brown 7/5, Mark Morse 7/12, and Jennifer
> Pittman 7/12. Josh Dhaseleer arived last night as is staying another.
> All were in good health and spirts and as usual it was most difficult to
> say goodbye. I would have to say that Josh takes the blister award, 2 of
> my staff had to put there heads between there knees to keep from
> fainting. (real lite weights) We got him doctored up and should be OK.
> Jennifer really touched everyones heart here. What a special person. Her
> and Mark were our hosts for our new Celebrity BBQ night. We had 38
> volunteer trail workers here for dinner as well and everyone was most
> impressed with them. The leader of the group, Shane Grogan of
> "California Outfitters" Fresno gave Jennifer a new pair of boots because
> hers were the wrong size and was a problem and to top that off he gave
> Mark a new pack because of the poor fit and it was breaking down. Shane
> gets a little testy when someone sells people crap. It was like
> Christmas for a few hours in July. I know I'm not suppose to plug a
> commercial company but this guy went above and beyond and if anyone gets
> a chance stop by his shop in Fresno CA, do it.
> We have had a few JMT hikers drive in or hitch and take off to do a
> section or so. They don't seem to be as hearty as the PCT'ers. On a note
> of humor Mark and Jennifers' pack weighed in at 60 and 55 pounds. I
> asked if they had read Rays book? answer, Ray who? 
> Its nice to start seeing a few hikers what a contrast form last year, we
> had 150 by now. I'll try to keep you all up dated as best I can. 
> Happy Trails 
> Butch
> The VVR
> 209 259-4000
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