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[pct-l] Re: Bears and tuna

<Your Montana bears and our Yosemite bears ain't the same. As I'm sure you
know, horses are not very
<popular in California, so count on being turned in from some hiker angered
at the horse shit he had to walk <through. To sum up what I'm trying to say.
With your attitude on bears  you'd do well to skip California <this year

Thanks for the advice about bears but I do know the difference between
Yosemite bear and Montana bears. I dealt with all of Yellowstone's problem
bears at my cabin.  My wife is from California and used to live in Shaver
Lake. Know the place? Just a rock through away from Yosemite. I have hiked
Yosemite for many years along with Sequoia and Kings canyon and know the
area and laws quite well!  I have had a huge bear come into my camp at
Sequoia and he looked surprised when I chased him out. I did have my food in
a metal box at the camp site but just taught the bear a little respect. I am
a backpacker and mountain climber. I also love horses more than anything.
Imagine that! I do try and avoid any National Park out of respect to the
people who dislike horses. You miss-understood me concerning shooting at
bear. In Grizzly country, they would laugh at your can of pepper spray and
eat you head first. I carried a very loud 44 mag. I had to shoot in the air
several times at the Griz. I am sure the rangers in the Whitefish Mountain
range would suggest you carry a firearm. this place is not the-down
California where wild animals are babied.  Out side of Grizzly country,
there is no need for guns and I do not carry one. As for a bear proof box
and the law, I keep my food in bear proof panyards made of Ralide.  I
understand horses are not popular with hikers in CA. I also know that hikers
are not popular with horsemen there! I met many anti-horse people along the
trail  who really learned to like our  horses. One ride and they were
hooked! We camp far away from any hiker camp site and we sacrifice perfect
campsites for this. I am going to get a shit bag for the horses so that
hikers don't have to step in it. I am friendly with everyone I meet on the
trail. I swear I do all I can to avoid conflict and lessen impact.  If
someone wants to get grim with me about horses, they will have one mean son
of a gun to deal with. I am 6' 4" and about as stealthy as a guy can get. My
weapons are a 45 MPH horse a 40 foot Lariat and a life long obsession with
learning defense. Who needs a rifle when you can stick a hatchet 50 foot!
Out distance the biggest can of pepper spray. Your threats of the law do not
frighten me. I'm a lawless Montanan. The law in MT is the law of the land.
"Respect others, if they Dis-respect you, Dis-Respect them back."  I hope to
learn from the Anti-horse people so that I can find ways to make horseback
riding hiker friendly. I also educate anti-horse people about horses. Never
has one of these people left our camp hating horses! I enjoy people but I
have zero tolerance to anyone challenging me on the trail. I am there to
enjoy myself. If I didn't want to see another person, I would find a
different place to ride than a major trail! I like your attitude about
horses  and enjoy your Posts! I disagree with you on bears. They are babied
in the parks and loose respect. Dis-respect them back and maybe they will
gain some! I think if you sprayed pepper spray in the eyes of a bear, you
would end up into bear gorp. Bears are used to being run of by badgers,
raccoons and me. They wouldn't understand what the pepper spray is and  may
fight for their life. They have poor eyesight anyhow and would smell you and
then crush your skull in their mouth.  I am laughing at this now and
imagining what a Griz would do!  PEACE :)

Horseback America

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