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Re: [pct-l] Faster???

In a message dated 98-05-14 14:32:54 EDT, trvrgdchld@juno.com writes:

<<   I'd like to make a thru, but I don't really know anything about the trail
and had hoped to get a feel for how it can be done without altering my MO.  I
hear hikers talking about wanting (or having) to put in 20 or more miles a
day.  Well, can you do the PCT only putting in 8 to 10 a day?  I would not
have a time limit, so even if it took me 12 months or more that's fine.  But
if that'll make resupply tricky I need to know.  And I'd like to head up from
the south.  Has anyone here gone that slow? >>

Ken is right about 'making time' so you can get off the trail before the snow
flies in Oregon. 

From what you say, perhaps you don't WANT to be a thru-hiker (all the miles in
one year) at all; you want to be a section hiker. If you are not driven to
hike it all in one year, you can hike any pace you enjoy.

"Has anyone ever gone that slow?" Even slower ... I know a lady who hiked the
entire trail, but took 13 years to finish. Did she enjoy it? You bet she did.
I'm a section hiker; have been for 4 years and I've completed less than half
the PCT. It may take me four more years to finish, but if I enjoy hiking the
PCT, who cares how long it takes me? I don't.

Reconsider your goal. Is it to hike the PCT in one year? Or is to hike along
the PCT and enjoy the journey?

Charlie Jones
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