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Re: [pct-l] Trail Conditions

>Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 11:22:35 -0700
>To: "Ripperton, Matt A" <mar83957@glaxowellcome.com>
>From: Greg Hummel <ghummel@hydrogenburner.com>
>Subject: Re: [pct-l] Trail Conditions
>In-Reply-To: <372A7BF21FD1D011A5AA0080D82079E69C3A2D@US2N26>
>You wrote:
>>heard that not only has the snow not melted, but in some places it's STILL
>>snowing in southern Cal.  Is this really true?  
>Yes, up to two feet of new snow has fallen in the San Bernardino, San
Gabriel and San Jacinto mountains in this last storm.  It is petering out
today. Weather forecast for L.A. area calls for temps in the mid to high
60's today, mid to high 70's tomorrow.  Another possible storm on the
horizon.  Satelite image of the Pacific Ocean in the L.A. Times this
morning clearly showing that El Nino warm current is still present!  That
is the bad news.  Now for the good news:  With temps between these storms
(even if more come through) in the typical southern Cal spring ranges, 60's
to 80's, a lot of this snow will quickly melt off and pose moderate to no
challenge to leaving around May 23rd, IMHO.
><Will I be
>>able to get through?  Will I need more than just an ice axe?  Will I need
>>snowshoes?  Crampons?>
>Martina Osterloh and Brian Dickson report from Big Bear that they crossed
fresh snow on the PCT on San Jacinto with only ice axes and it "wasn't too
difficult" "others dropped down and hiked roads to Black Mountain
campground area and avoided almost all of the snow."  Martina and Brian are
only carrying ice axes but waterproofed their boots and are wearing
"waterproof" socks (I'm not familiar with these, so don't ask).  Their feet
are getting a little wet but fairly warm temps have made this o.k.  They
reached Big Bear just as the snow from this last storm was beginning to
fall.  They are waiting for it to stop snowing before forging ahead.
>Greg Hummel
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