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[pct-l] Tales from the trail

To fellow hikers on the PCT:

My last report covered the first section of the PCT from the Mexi border to
Lake Morena.  I thought I would cover the next section, from Lake Morena to
Boulder Oaks Campground.  I am a little behind, this section was completed
last year, summer, so some details will be lost.  

Two cars were parked, one at Lake Morena, one at Boulder Oaks Campground.  The
hike starts down a raod with PCT signs on telephone poles and leads down to
the lake where it skirts the east edge and then heads up into a small canyon. 
If you have a chance to stop at Lake Morena, stop at the town store or camp
for a night.  The store has the best milk shakes known to human kind and the
lake offers rental fishing gear and boats and has campfire presentations
occasionaly.  Back on the trail, the path curves around a few lucky home
owners by the lake heads into a small canyon and up to a ridge.  The path soon
rounds a small hill with views back to Lake Morena and the Dam at the Western
end.  Just a small note about Lake Morena:  As the trail continues you will
cross a dry creek bed through cat's tail reed grass and cross under a bridge
to follow the trail parallel to the raod.  As you head up the trail along side
the trail look to your left for  a road heading into Lake Morena, about
200-300 ft past the bridge.  This road leads up into some prime camping areas,
namely, Bobcat Meadows.  This area is home to a huge community of horned
lizards, enjoy.  Continuing up the trail you cross a large pasture land and
finally cross a sandy wash to climb over a small hill and drop into Boulder
Oaks campground.  A small way down the path is a store/gas station.  The
owners told me that they enjoy PCT hikers and have on accasion been convinced
to let hikers stay in a basement shelter for the night during strong rain or

See you on the trail,


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