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[pct-l] travel update

>Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 16:47:01 -0700 (PDT)
>From: brian dickson <brianmartina@yahoo.com>
>Subject: travel update
>To: xtp58@dial.pipex.com, ghummel@hydrogenburner.com, keith.m@xtra.co.nz,
>        viktor3000@aol.com, alistair.young@mailhost.okiuk.co.uk
>we are in a place called Idylwild in the San Jacinto mtns in southern
>california. We have walked 180mls of the pct and are having a hoot of
>a time. The first 10 days were in the semi-desert north of the mexican
>border. That area is beautiful at the moment as the wet El Nino winter
>has led to the best desert bloom of flowers and cactus for 20 years.
>We have seen lots of rattlesnakes and tried our best to avoid the hot
>sun. 3 days ago we had a pristine set of mountain lion tracks go past
>the tent. For the last 3 days we climbed up into the mountains to
>8000ft into snow and fairly severe rain/snow storms. We had a wet
>dreech night up there (one of the toughest camping nights I've had) as
>we were travelling light on clothing. We joined up with another Brian
>who is a outward bounds instructor from Maine but were forced to
>retreat and descend down to this town to dry out and eat, eat ,eat!
>We are going up to do battle again tomorrow if the weather clears  
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