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[pct-l] new subscriber

Just a note to say HI to all.  New subscriber as of today.

Just a note about myself.  Completed the AT in 1981.  Hiked on the PCT from
Mexico to I-80 in Calif. (less 3 miles) got off at Norden.  Hope someday to
be able to complete the PCT.

Trail name - Doug Banks - been using that for (lets just say many years).
Never saw a reason to use anything but my real name.

Georgia born and raised except for 3 years in Germany (wearing a green
uniform) and 7 months in Florida (worst 7 years of my life - not a single
hill - elevation 18'. God I hated that drive from West Palm - 65 miles and
uphill all the way - from sea level to 18' above).  Hiked with someone from
most of the states at one time or another and a few foreign folks as well.
Way I got it figured all people are the same - treat me right and I will do
the same.  Met nothing but good folks on all my adventures (with a couple of
exceptions - I'm no Will Rogers).  Still friends with many people I've hiked
with.  Did you ever notice hiking people are the best people on earth! 

Well enough said.  I'm pretty quiet most of the time so you'll hardly notice
that I am around.  Just enjoy hearing about other folks with the same
Someday I'm going back out on the PCT and then I'll start asking a lot of

Good luck to all!!! 

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