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[pct-l] PCT Planning Program update/notice/bug fix

Micheal Henderson alerted me to a small bug that was in the PCT Planning
program.  If you put Campo/Mexico or Manning Park/Canada as your starting
point, the bug doesn't show up; so you border to border hikers don't have
anything to worry about.

The error resided in the orange final totals box at the bottom of the page,
not in the day to day output.  If you were to plan a section hike that
didn't start in Mexico or Canada, the orange final total miles/EG/average
MPD values would be greater than what they were supposed to be.  What was
happening was that the program was adding one line of data values to the
final totals that wasn't supposed to be added.  The program used to not do
this, but when I made some changes awhile back...the bug popped up.  I
fixed the problem and everything seems to be fine.

Though the bug was minor, I wanted to alert anyone who might have been
planning a section hike and not noticed this.  I've tested this program in
all different kinds of conditions to try and detect any possible bugs, but
things sometimes slip though.  Please do send me any comments or if you
note any problems with the data that the program gives out.

Sorry for the mistake, I guess I'm getting paid back for laughing at Bill
Gates this morning.  He was doing a demo of Windows 98 at Comdex, and it
crashed on him during the demonstration.


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