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[pct-l] Scales

OK, here is one for the ultralighters out there - What type of scale do you
use to weigh your gear?  I would like to get something that is not too
expensive to help me watch the weight of my gear.  The cheapo postal scales
don't seem accurate enough and are kind of hard to balance larger items on
to get a true reading.  Is it possible to rent a decent scale?  Do people
buy scales or do they just take their gear into the local Safeway and use
the produce scales (not even sure how accurate those are for the really
light items)?  I don't trust the manufacturers' weights given for their
products but would prefer not to sink large $$'s into a scale that won't
get a whole lot of use.
Thanks for any input you can provide.

Eric H. Weinmann
PCTA Board Member

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