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Re: [pct-l] Scales


On 04/16/98 22:35:31 you wrote:

>OK, here is one for the ultralighters out there - What type of scale do you
>use to weigh your gear?  I would like to get something that is not too
>expensive to help me watch the weight of my gear.

Walt uses a fishing scales and it does great for us, it even has a hook to 
hang the pack from. There are different sizes that grade up to different 
weight, so take your pick. When we take a group of "newbies" out hiking for 
a long weekend Walt weights each of their packs before the trip and then 
after.  Experience is a great teacher and very quickly each hiker learns 
their own capabilities about how much weight they can "enjoyably" carrying.  
They learn first hand just what a factor weight does make.  Walt also 
explains that they you can either going hiking or camping, but you can't do 
both at the same time unless you have a home base to "hike" from.  You still 
have to carry all that weight to home base though and that could easily kill 
the "hike."

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