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[pct-l] Photos

Some of the suggestions about photos are great!  I have seen a number of
really good slide shows by thru-hikers from all three of the triple crown
trails.  Other than scenery, the things they had in common were: lots of
portraits of the hikers while they were walking on the trail;  town stops;
and campsite shots.  I did pretty well in '96 taking self-portraits by
placing the camera on the top of my ice-ax, which was firmly stuck in the
ground.  I took very few photos of town stops and campsites, and I regret
this now.  On future hikes I will take more photos of people I meet, both on
and off the trail.

One idea that worked well for me was the to get rid of the tacky wrist strap
that came with my Olympus and repace it with a piece of rope.  I use a
taut-line hitch to create a cinchable loop that can slip around my wrist so
I don't drop the camera.  Thanks to Charlie and Tony Thorpe for teaching me
that knot in '95!

roger carpenter

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