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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #445

Sounds like a decent list to me, although I would go for chunky PB.

Honestly, though, my daily menu consists of:

Breakfast:  2 granola bars
1st A.M. Snack: Nuts, cookies or candy (whatever's in my pack)
2nd A.M. Snack: dried meat or jerky
Lunch: Either 2 granola bars, or cheese and bread from town, plus corn chips
(when available), plus anchovies or clams (first day after a mail drop, from
1st P.M. snack:  potato chips
2nd P.M. snack: 2 more granola bars
Dinner:  flavored noodles or rice, plus a snack for desert (maybe pudding
with dried milk, maybe dried fruit, maybe leftover granola bars)  Include
tuna fish in first dinner after a mail drop.

This works out well for me.  Nothing seems to spoil while awaiting my
arrival, and I can vary the granola bar flavors, dinner flavors, and snack
variety enough to keep it interesting.  Avoiding cooking breakfast is a real
time saver!  And I hate corn pasta!

After reading this, I think I know why my pack is so heavy after a supply

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