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[pct-l] Warner Springs memories

David wrote:

> As I
>hiked south  up the creek I got lost among the many cow paths and turned away
>from the creek to late.  I wandered up a cow path (where are those AT type
>blazes when you need them,  on the AT of course!!)  until I came to a paved
>road that I identified on the map.  Some local cow hands said to hike further
>down the road and look for the trail in the meadow to the right,  it worked.

Those cow paths are doozies!  I had met a couple in Warner Springs, and they
invited me over for dinner and a few beers.  After dinner (and a beer
buzzzzzzzz) they dropped me out at the Fire Station.  I figured a nice 2
mile headlamp walk would be a nice topper for the evening.  I donned my
headlamp and was off across the field.  There were a few PCT marker posts,
then I didn't see them anymore, I discovered I was on a cow path, because
the "trail" just....stopped.  Judging from the lights and highway, I knew
about which direction the PCT was.   Keep in mind it was pitch black.  I
crossed a few barbed wire fences.  After about the 3rd fence...I was
standing on a paved airstrip!  Not the greatest place to be...but at least I
knew where I was!  At least it was an airstrip and not really an airport.
After reaching the highway, I didn't know if I needed ot go right or left.
I went left...wrong direction.  I turned around and walked back and finally
found the PCT, and camped up the way a little bit.  My 2 mile night walk
turned out to be about 5 miles!  So what is the moral of this story?:

A) Don't hike at night when the trail is on/near cow paths in a field.
B) Don't try and navigate cow paths at while slightly intoxicated.
C) Make sure you have a xenon stobe light on your pack, so the airplanes
won't land on you!

Anyone else have any funny PCT navigation stories?  I remember somebody
posting about a "route" from Markleville? back up to the PCT, and what a
devilish experience that was.


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