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[pct-l] Horse story

While in the Ventana Wilderness (Big Sur area, CA)
last fall on an overnight, I came across two packers
with their animals - one to ride and each with two in 
tow.  They were taking a break, and we talked a while.
It turns out they were members of the Volunteer Horseman
of the Ventana Wilderness (or something like that), and
were headed in with empty saddle packs to pick up the
trail maintenance tools of the local chapter of the Sierra
Club who was in for a week of trail work.  They also 
carry in hiking gear for hikers.  Why?  Because they love
to be out in the wilderness with their animals, doing
volunteer work.

I'm with Brick - Work with 'em, and with the PCTA.  And
if you get a chance to pack in with llamas, it's an 
experience too!  Most llama people are former hikers.

Rick Howard

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