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[pct-l] RE: horses

Sorry to have been partly responsible for introducing the horse debate on
theses pages.  Given the very nature of this site, I'd expect horses to be
controversial here.

My original post was meant to suggest that the person who was looking for
the phone number of the Aqua Dulce mail drop office needs to join the PCTA.
A hiker who uses the PCT, but doesn't support the trail, should think
seriously about joining the PCTA.  The trail is there because the PCTA is
there for the trail.  Without our financial and membership support, the PCTA
can not continue to support the continued existence and improvement of the
trail.  Who will stand up and protect the trail when it is threatened by
development of all kinds.  Who will be the voice of the trail when it
requires help?  Who will help coordinate trail maintenance and improvement

You wouldn't ask another hiker to carry your pack when you are able and
responsible for its contents.  Why not help carry your share of the burden
when it comes to supporting the continued existence of the trail?  Remember,
many PCTA members don't live near the trail, and some have never even hiked
a few feet of it.  You, who will enjoy the PCT so much, owe so much to those
that established, built, and maintain the PCT.  Won't you join them in their
continued support of the PCT, by becoming a member of the PCTA?

As a point of clarification, David and I continued this discussion off site,
and we both concluded that we are dues paying members of the PCTA with an
aversion to trail damage.  Brick, though, seems correct, that it's the
commercial horses doing the majority of the damage.  And I agree, that
horses and horse people can be a valuable resource for the trail (political
support, water sources, maintenance, search and rescue, membership dues).

As I said before, I'd rather have a trail with horses than no trail at all.
And given the limits of the planet's resources, those appear to be the kinds
of choices we face.

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