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[pct-l] Trail Suggestions

More trail suggestions:

The trail into Warner Springs wasn't as confusing as the book said because SO many of us had 
made a distinct path out of town.  It could be confusing to getting back from town to the 
trailhead via the road from the resort.  Watch for the trail crossing at the road from the left 
and take a right at the dirt road connecting you back up.  The creek further up here had water 
last year.  But if you aren't low there was another good source of water about 5-6 miles away 
near campsites along a creek, plenty of mosquitoes too. 

 Watch the trail at the Dam coming out of Deep Creek Gorge from Big Bear  -- it is very 
confusing, stay to the left of the dam by the creek -- we went right and had to climb back over 
and down the dam! 

The trail into Kennedy Meadows is also confusing.  After walking along the creek, the trail 
headed right up a fire road and into a meadow. We crossed the stream by the deserted house three 
times before local fishermen headed us back over the creek again to a trail junction.  Take a 
left, and head back into hills, eventually you will get to a paved road, there are some "porta 
potties" on the other side of the bridge.  At road, go right, the store is up the road 1/2 mile 
or so on the left passed several homes.  Meadow Ed was great to us last year, he had a campsite 
and drove us back and forth to the store for supplies, shower (? dirty-- but the only one 
around), washing, socializing.

We also got our hair cut short, this was great.  It kept us cooler in the desert and was easy to 
keep.  I will get more hair cuts in town this time!  

As I get time, I will try to remember more.

We are getting excited for all of you who are leaving soon.  We hope to see you when we get back 
on the trail in Sierra City in June. 

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