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Re: [pct-l] RE: Aqua Dulce, PCTA Membership, GPS

At 09:31 AM 3/27/1998 -0500, Vaughn, Ron wrote:
>  I would like to post
>the idea that anyone who has the resources to do a thru-hike or section hike
>of the PCT should feel compelled to join the PCTA.  

Except for the notion that the PCTA is an avid advocate of the use of
hooved animals on the trail (horses, etc.).   To get an idea of how bad it
is to take a steel-shod animal on a trail, my practice trail is blacktop in
Golden Gate Park where there are mounted police.  They use the trail almost
never.   Well a few days a(except mountain goats, elk, moose, deer and
other natives).go I was walking and saw clear horse-shoe marks on BLACKTOP!
  Them horses have a heavy footfall.   Nothing like human shoes.  Compared
to the lug sole vs. smooth sole debate, horses are way off the scale.   And
to see what serious trail damage looks like, take Bright Angel Trail to
Phantom Ranch from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Millions of dollars
in damage.

Hooved domestic animals do not belong in the wilderness.
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