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[pct-l] Guns & Thieves

Guns on the PCT:

My dad kept wishing the entire time that I had a gun with my on my PCT hike.
He is the type to always have one in the woods, so naturally he wished I
carried one with me.  If I had to choose between a gun and a big jar of
Skippy Peanut Butter to carry, Skippy (Chunky style) would win hands down.
I never felt the need for a gun on the PCT.


I must of cashed in a MAJOR stash of good karma points at the Cajon Pass
Mini-Mart.  I had set my pack down next to the front door.  I was standing
probably 10 feet away from my pack.  I was muching my corn chips and just
kind of watching the people put gas into their cars.  I looked back in the
direction of my pack and there was an individual staring at my pack, then he
started looking in all directions frantically, he looked at my pack again,
and did one last head turn...and his eyes caught me staring at him.  I gave
him the Clint Eastwood stare, and he stepped back into his car and left.
Just thinking of that moment makes me pissed.  The fact that some ----head
would try and rip my pack of while I was standing 10 feet from him, geez.
From then on I've been A LOT more careful.  So watch yr. pack like a baby.  


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