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[pct-l] boots

I'm shopping for a new pair of boots and thought I'd gather some of your 
thoughts. I'd like to progress to lighter boots but my ankles turn on a 
heart beat. I've used Richale Montagna's for an '82 thru-hike. And for the 
past few years, Asolo Yukons. I day hike using Vasque Clarions (the all 
leather model), but recently twisted an ankle when I tried using them for an 
overnighter. The day and a half of hiking on the ankle wasn't my idea of fun 
(I can turn it on flat pavement when not thinking). I've read Ray J's book 
as well as a recent boot article in Backpacker. Short of alot of excercise 
to increase the strength in my ankles (with an larger amount of fear of 
another twist), I feel I need to find a modern and hopefully lighter 
equivalent of the Yukons for tortional stability. 

I believe Ray's idea of progressing to running shoe's through lighter loads 
and training are for those that haven't really blown their ankles. I've 
tried on the '98 model of the Asolo Meridians, they appear supportive enough 
but there's sure a lot of stitching to blow-out. Any other suggestions?
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