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[pct-l] Comparision to 95

Hi there!
    been following the list for a while & watching. I attempted a
thru-hike in 95. As with most hikers I was thwarted by the high snowpack
that year & skipped around. Most went around, several going back to the
Sierras after reaching, others the next year. Some abandoned there hike
at the sierras & thru-hiked in 96. I had initially planned to complete
the trail this years with the thru-hikers, but with el nino I am
changing plans. Here is my thinking on it! In 95 at Kennedy Meadows
campsite of PCT hikers reached 18 for a few days. Many were waiting for
recently ordered snowshoes, others forming groups to go through it. Most
of the hikers bailed out at Lone Pine from passes. I met up with one of
the six people I know that stuck it out on the trail. The snow was not a
problem. It was the fords that were. You can always stop & chop steps in
the Sierra cement, a ice cold ford doesn't allow that. He had a close
call  on a ford where he admits he got real lucky & is still with us!
    Other hikers that bailed out at Lone Pine found it cheaper to pool
there resources & rent a car & drive north. More fun & convenient tan
the bus! PS in 95 snow was still too bad around Tahoe to hike, most
hikers went to Old Station! Those that went back late in the season
loved the Sierras when many of the fords were nonexistent! On the flip
side, my friend who struggled through the Sierras had to battle his way
through snow in Washington, & called it quits at Rainy Pass. He was
amazed at how much he missed of WA because he had to seek alternate
routes due to bad weather!
    One other note. I through hiked the AT previous to my attempt on the
PCT. My first thoughts about bouncing around upset me. Yet, I hiked with
great weather! It may only mean a few days of traveling & if you can
anticipate for it, you can work it out! Improvise, adapt! It's your
hike, you make the rules for it!
    PS: Congratulation on the grandchild Charlie & Pass it on to Tony!

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