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Re: [pct-l] money/ATM's

ATM's on the PCT (not a definitive list but what I noticed):

Idyllwild (wasn't lookin' 4 1, but surely there's 1 in this town)
Big Bear   "
Tehachapi & likely Mojave
Reds Meadow - if U take the bus into Mammouth Lakes
Tuolome Meadows - bus 2 Yosemite
Echo Lake - ride w/Sammy 2 S. Tahoe
Burney Falls SP - hitch 2 town of Burney w/all services
Etna - @ store
Crater Lake - in cafeteria
Timberline Lodge - in store
Cascade Lox - again, I wasn't lookin 4 1, but prob. @ bank
White Pass - good hitch 2 Packwood w/all services & likely an ATM

Birdman, I need yr. address (prev. asked 4, dadgummit).  Have photos, W
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