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[pct-l] Re: Guns on the PCT

Thanks to everyone for the input on the pros vs. cons on personal defense
with a firearm on the first 50 miles of the PCT.  Just to put my fellow
hikers on notice not to be alarmed, they need have no fear of running into
me, as I will not be arming myself.  Just to reassure Brigitte, who seemed a
bit put out by my question, I am opposed to carrying firearms when
backpacking, as I thought I made clear in my posting.  I did think my
question was framed reasonably and that, for a person making his first hike
in California, in a part which is ever in the national news for the illegal
activity around the Mexican border, my concern about danger was a legitimate
concern.  It doesn't add to my knowledge to simply say, "if you're so
concerned, just skip the first part of the trail".  I'm just as interested
in hiking the entire PCT as everyone else.

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