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Re: [pct-l] The BIG BAD guns

> Sorry Jeremy but some people want guns in L.A. and on the trail.

Yeah, and some people want horses and motorbikes, and plumbing and ski
trails and power lines and highways and every other little GD thing that
makes us that much more comfortable and safe.  Leave your little GD toy at
home and learn a little about cougars.  You had a chance to see a beautiful
animal up close, an opportunity that I would love to have, and you wish
that you had a gun.

Key word is "yes, I survived without a scratch" in the last post.  So, you
wish that you had shot an animal that never actualy did anything to you in
the end?  If you're that scared, stay at home in L.A. with the thugs and
bandits and lock up tight with your little blue steel security.

I can't believe this post would appear on here, and it hurts to know that
people still think like this.

-Bald Eagle
GA -> ME '95
Triangle Tour '99

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