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Ken Marlow wrote:

>>Another question for the list: At one time, wasn't there a school bus type 
>>shuttle run by the Park Service up and out of Red's Meadow? Does this still 
>>operate and can it get me to Mammoth for a food drop pick-up?


The shuttle out of Red's Meadow only runs to the top of Minerette Summit
near the ski lifts for Mammoth Mtn.  I don't know if there are shuttles
from the lift area into town, but I'm sure that you can find some info
through Mammoth Lakes city.

Also you can check to see if they will send a package to Red's Meadow.  It
is a fairly lively area during the summer and I'll bet the store or resort
will hold your package for you.  I just got some info recently because I
have taken my family up there and rented an A frame cabin in years past. (A
great place for families to camp or rent a cabin as there is an abundance
of things to do).  I can dig it up and give you some phone numbers if you
can't find them elsewhere.

Best regards and I'm green with envy.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

PS (yes that was me, the tall one, on the cover of the PCTA Bulletin a few
ago regarding a 20 year reunion of thruhikers.)
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