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[pct-l] Tp and associated matters

I am really enjoying what everyone is saying about tp and feces disposal
on the trail.  We all have something to learn from the discussion.

I think that it is a reasonable standard for hikers to pack out used tp.
Dan's right, we carried it in, and we can carry it out.  I guess by that
standard we should carry out our feces, but that seems unnecessary if
proper disposal techniques are used.  I know that in the Grand Canyon
hikers are asked to carry out their feces.  So, from now on I'll carry
mine out (sigh, yet another item to carry).

My experience with seeing tp in the woods is that I usually see it in an
area that is heavily used by people on short trips, or thru-hikers
without much experience (like Georgia on the AT).  The amount I saw was
always not much, which led me to believe that when I saw it, it was the
result of poor disposal techniques.  I guess I've heard that animals
will dig it up, but I've never seen it.  Is the animal digging up tp a
trail myth, or has someone actually seen this in action?  What animal
would dig up to in a six inch deep hole?

By the way, this proper disposal issue leads me to ask about the origins
of guiardia.  In the early 70s no one ever heard of water filters.  Now
they are required.  Who or what happened?
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