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[pct-l] re: bad habits / human vs animal

kevin wrote:

>>>   how is human solid waste different from animal solid
waste?   <<<

i'm no scientist, and i don't pretend to know anything concrete in this
area, but this is what i think:

i think the potential for disease is equally likely in either human or
animal feces.

the difference is human waste in the backcountry is concentrated.  it is
easy to see the concentration in popular areas, but even on the most remote
trails, it is concentrated along that trail.  probably far more than animal
waste in the average acre of wilderness (or national forest, or whatever).
the least traveled human backpacking trail is still probably trod upon more
frequently by human feet than that average acre by animal feet.  (yeah, i
know animals have their paths too.  again i'm just speculating).  i suspect
this concentration is what leads to increased possibility of disease,
because you are more likely to find relatively "fresh" fecal matter along a
trail than way out in the backcountry.

anyone else have more than mere musings?

ke kaahawe AT92 TYT94 PCTsoon
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