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[pct-l] ALDHA-West Web Update

ALDHA-West Website has undergone a major upgrade. In an effort to make the 
site more adaptable to expansion, I completly restructured it. I've also 
tried to make the site easier to get around in.

We've added a new section "Tips & Techniques". The section was origionally 
inspired by discussions in these list about FAQ's. However instead of 
question & answer format. We're looking for how hikers solve a particular 
problem. The solution to the problem could come from a change in hiking 
style, equipment change, diet change, etc. In most cases the solution 
problems is not always obvious. What's good is how we take advantage all of 
the resources available to us to solve a problem.  The primary source of 
the information posted comes from these mailing list (with author's 

We've only just started adding to it, with more to come.

Drop on in and have a look.


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