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RE: [pct-l] Water at Scissors Crossing

>I caught this bus in late May of 1997.  Do you know of a place where a
>hiker can sleep cheap in town?  Also, I recall the Julian Post Office
>was on the road into town, but quite a bit of a walk away from the
>center of town.
>I agree, that Julian would be a nice respite from the blisters and heat
>of the dessert. I hope to be able to stop there on my '98 thru-hike.

Unfortunately, I don't think that there is anyplace really cheap in Julian,
by low-budget PCT hiker standards. There are just too many tourist dollars,
and prices are affected by the affluent San Diego market. But there are a
number of hotels, and some Bed & Breakfasts. Sometimes, B&Bs are cheaper
(at least when you factor in the free breakfast), but sometimes pricier,
since they are low-volume, and often decorated with antiques. I still like
'em, though, becouse so many of the owners get interested in what you're
doing. I had a number of B&B experiences on the Colorado CDT, when owners
would hold packages for us, or pick us up from remote roadends, etc (even
loaned us a car for shopping!). Many B&Bs (hotels, too) are on the Web--
contact them, they might pick you up from a trail crossing!
Also-- you're right  about the Post Office-- maybe 10-15 minutes walk from
town center.

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