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Re: [pct-l] Fuels

>One final note on safety: I saw a hiker seriously burned in the crotch
>area when he accidentally spilled on himself, and then ignited, less
>than tow ounces of stove fuel.  He received third degree burns over a
>very large and painful area, which later required a doctor's attention
>and expensive medication.  This was a very experienced hiker, so don't
>say it can't happen to you.  Please be careful out there!

Ron: thanks for the delightful fuels discussion. I just had to add, that my
hiking partner on the PCT also managed to light his crotch on fire, while
lighting an old Svea-- thankfully, just his wind pants-- it was actually
quite hilarious. A few weeks later, he started a small grass fire, near Old
Station, while burning his TP-- ran around, screaming frantically, with
smoldering turd on his boots!

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