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[pct-l] Re: Canol Heritage Trail

r j hayes wrote:
>There have been a lot of suggestions (and I'm not sure about your time
>frame), but you might also want to consider The Canol Heritage Trail in the
>NWT. It's almost certainly the wildest trail in North America, but can be
>done in perhaps three weeks or a month. I was talking to an acquaintance
>from Yellowknife a few weeks ago, and there is apparently way more interest
>in the trail this year than in years past, but usually fewer than 30 people
>do it in any summer.
>The scenery is spectacular, the solitude is wonderful, the bears are wild
>and so not inured to people (but there are a lot of them). There are no
>resupply points, and no way of getting supplies other than an airdrop, but
>that's part of the planning. Only two significant rivers to swim across
>If you're interested, there was an article a few years ago in (probably,
>this is from memory) Backpacking magazine, or you can write to the
>historical centre in Norman Wells, NWT for a free booklet (send a SASE or
>include an international reply coupon if you're not Canadian). For those
>with a decent atlas, the trail runs from across the MacKenzie River from
>Norman Wells in the NWT to where it meets the end of the road just east of
>Ross River in Yukon.

i read that article in backpacker, it was a great story.  they did a good
job portraying the wildness and isolation of the trail.  really made me
want to do it.  you have to know what you're doing - there are no trail
towns out there!  other than the ghost town from the pipeline...

ke kaahawe AT92 TYT94 PCTsoon
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