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Re: [pct-l] Campo to Idyllwild water, camps

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Roger Carpenter wrote:

> William Speers wrote:
> >>I will be on the PCT for two weeks between April 18 and May 2, between
> >>Campo and Idyllwild.  Can anyone tell me where the reliable water
> >>sources are, how close they are to the trail, etc.?
> Regarding Chariot Canyon (map A10), the guidebook suggests walking down the
> valley to a spring.  I never looked for it in both years in hiked.  In the
> wet '95 season, I found trickles of water in the meadows just before
> crossing the dirt road that descends into the canyon.

When I walked though there on May 7 of last year, Chariot Canyon was dry
at the PCT. I headed down the canyon to the water source described in the
trail guide. The stream was about half a mile down the road, certainly no
more than a mile. It was flowing pretty good and even better, it was in
the shade which is pretty scarce around there.

Other people got water along Rodriguez Truck road which is maybe 4 miles
futher along the trail. If memory serves, the water was about 2 miles off
the trail so fewer people used it. Also, I think the trail guide describes
it as being less reliable.

It's also worth mentioning that the water from Scissors Crossing out in
the San Felipe Valley isn't 100% reliable. It was barely flowing when I
passed by there. I'd say it's worth a phone call to the PCTA a few days
before you expect to arrive just to make sure it's flowing. That would be
a bad place to run dry.


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