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[pct-l] PLEASE suggest a trail

I, unfortunately, do not have firsthand knowledge of the Annapurna Circuit,
else would have included more than that sterile overview. :)
But it does fit the basic parameters of the person whose Long Trail trip fell
through, and it seemed a refreshing alternative to the slices of Americana
presented as alternative trip suggestions already.
Backpacker mag covered it a few months back - also refreshing to see their
horizons expanding beyond the First World.  It's also covered in a great,
colorful book called Trekking: Great Walks of the World, along with other
mouthwatering ideas here and abroad.
So, I agree - anyone with firsthand knowledge of the Annapurna Circuit, do
tell.  But in fairness to the topic of this list, any longwindedness might
be better expressed privately.
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