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[pct-l] Re: Sierra City and beyond

Thanks for the message Charlie, I am sorry we may not see you as our time 
scheduling will be different. Walt and I are slow but sure, being in your 
mid-fifties we take a little bit longer, but our adventure desires are 
great. I am the slow one, Walt could be to the border quite a bit sooner 
without me. Who knows, we may "walk into you" yet, or even see you in a town 
somewhere -- stranger things have happened to us on the PCT!

We are looking forward to reading and signing the PCT Logs again.  It is so 
wonderful to share information and encouragement with our other PCT friends. 
Not to far from Campo we all seem to bond together like a family, eagerly 
looking forward to seeing each other on the trail or in town. It seems like 
only another PCT Hiker can understand, or even care, about what our trail 
trials are.  Sharing our trail experiences with each other and bolstering 
each other up during the rough times seems to help us regroup and keep on 

What an experience!  The rest of the world doesn't have a clue -- thank God!

We will certainly keep you informed on our progress, thanks for the 

Walt & Pat

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