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Re: [pct-l] Resupply towns

In a message dated 98-02-03 22:52:23 EST, cgiffen@teleport.com writes:

<< Someone mentioned Echo Lake Resort.  I spent most of my time in South Lake
Tahoe, staying in a $20 a night motel next door to a Sizzler  (All You Can
Eat).   However, everyone seemed pretty nice to me at Echo Lake Resort,
despite stories I've heard.  ... I heard one reason they are annoyed with
hikers is that many hikers were opening their boxes in front of the store. ...

When I was first at Echo Lake, I noticed that someone (PCTA ??) had prepared
an area across the parking lot from the store. I was told this was for thru-
hiker use (opening resupply packages etc.). It had a few picnic tables
surrouned by a wooden rail fence and seemed to be a reasonable place to repack
one's food before continuing the trip.

However, I was there again the next year and that area was overgrown and
pretty much filled with boat trailers. It would have been difficult to make
one's way through all that to gain access to the tables for repacking. 

Perhaps another example of their "attitude" was revealed when my friend (who
lives in Minden, NV) asked what they would charge for him to launch HIS canoe
from their boat ramp. I forget the numbers, but it was considerably more
expensive to bring your own canoe than to rent one from the resort (and that
wasn't cheap either). 

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