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[pct-l] Belden


Maybe, just maybe, if you had a good time in Belden you might be a redneck!
 I couldn't resist.

Belden caught my eye in your message as it was truely one of the highlights
of personal encounters on my thru hike in '77.  Maybe they hadn't gone
redneck back then.

I was sitting in the store/post office/bar at Belden enjoying a beer and
going thru my package when in walks an old white haired man who sits down
next to me and orders a beer for himself and another for me.  He says
"Howdy, I just think drinking a beer sitting next to a stranger isn't
nearly as fun as sitting next to a friend drinking a beer."  We bought each
other beers and talked for two hours and then he bought a case and said
"Come on up the road, some friends are having a git together for dinner and
you can be my guest.  Everybody has to bring something and we're gonna
bring this here case."  A group of friendly, young to old, kids to shrivs,
barbeque, corn and salad out of the garden, chicken out of the yard, beer
and assorted other stimulants.  Basically they welcomed me a very large,
dirty, stranger into their circle, with open arms but then also knowing I'd
be gone the next day.

Please don't bad mouth the people of Belden.  They really can be friendly
if you give them a chance.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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