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[pct-l] Shirts and hats

	Hello PCTers,

	I've been a vocal critic of cotton clothing on the PCT due to
the cold, wet weather that can be expected in many sections.  However, I
highly recommend cotton for the desert and for much of northern
California and southern Oregon during the hot months of July and August.
Cotton's refrigeration effect when damp is just what you want for
staying cool in the hot sun.  Bring two long sleeve shirts, one cotton
and one better suited to cold weather.  Keep one in your drift box when
you don't need it.

	The same can be said for hats.  I wore a floppy, wide-brimmed
rain hat the whole way.  Its dark color and synthetic materials made it
too hot much of the time.  It would have been better to have a sun hat
and a rain hat and switch between them as desired.  

	Don't underestimate the value of your drift box!

	If you can do so without contaminating the precious desert water
sources, soak your shirt and hat as you leave.  Especially if cotton,
they will be refreshingly cool while they dry out.

	Brian Robinson
	PCT '97
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