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[pct-l] Re: (Boot Deal)

Batchelor Bob --  Sorry, but I assure you the boots were Merrell "Wilderness",
and they did indeed delaminate.  I bought them because they were stitched as
well as glued.  The all-glued boots  -- Merrells and others -- didn't convince
me they could go the distance.  

You and I both received a response from one other hiker who had a similar
experience with the "Wilderness."  So we may be dealing with a basic design
deficiency here, rather than an isolated pair that were built on a Monday
morning.  Still, the price is reasonable.  And I agree with you about the
benefits of boots with ankle support.  

You will probably carry some duct tape for any necessary pack or shoe repair.
I carried about six feet of it, rolled on a pencil stub.  It came in handy
several times.  A small tube of barge cement also fits easily in the pack.
Good luck! -- Roy Robinson   
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