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[pct-l] maps

On my hike last summer I took a detour through a town called Markleeville 
(sp?), CA.  I was told by some locals that there was a trail behind the 
Markleeville hot springs that would join up with a road after about 4 
miles and that then I could proceed to Echo Lake on the road.

As I was eager to make up time to meet someone at Echo Lake, I took the 

Those 4 miles took slightly over 8 hours. I started out on a trail but it 
disappeared.   I went from one side of a large canyon to the other and 
found no sign of a trail.  Being a stubborn sort, I traveled over the 
worst terrain I have ever hiked to get through.

There was a map available in Markleeville which showed where the trail 
was supposed to be.  I was too cheap to buy a copy.  I am trying to find 
one now to see where I went wrong.  I don't think it was the USGS map.  

If anyone knows of a map of the Markleeville hot springs area which shows 
the trail exiting behind the springs, I would like to know how to get a 
copy.  Alternatively, I would like the phone number of the general store 
in Markleeville or even the area code.  I am happy to pay for the map.  
I've already paid for not having it. ;).

Thanks in advance.

Tom Best

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