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[pct-l] GREAT boot deal

	A local sports store is having a massive clearance on shoes.  Most
of what they have is junk.  However, one deal is exceptional --

Merrell "Wilderness" boots:
	all leather
	single piece upper
	Norwegian welt stitching
	Vibram lug
	an all-around awesome 'classic' hiking boot

Normally $220.00, ***now $132.00***

	I now have 2 new pairs in the closet and am set for boots on my
eventual PCT thru-hike.  Wish I could have gotten such a deal before my `96
AT thru-hike.  I would have had 2 pairs for that, rather than suffering
thru in only 1 pair.

	Anyway, I'm willing to buy and ship pairs for anyone interested.
Sizes available are (all men's): 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, & 11.

	With 7% tax and (guessing) $10 shipping, they'll cost you $151.25.
I'll do this at no profit to me, because I'd want fellow hikers to do the
same for me  if they ever had the chance.

	Reply promptly.  Who knows how long they'll last.

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