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Re: [pct-l] BIG shoe question

>I have size 14 feet and thru hiked in '77.  I wore size 14 boots throughout
>and never had any problem, no toe blisters from the foot spreading out as
>some have apparently experienced.  Maybe big feet already distribute the
>stress more widely and therefor are not subject to similar expansion of
>smaller feet.  I call this the "Foot Expansion Theory".

Greg, I've heard of this theory. If there is not enough mass in your foot,
it may continue to expand forever. If your foot does have enough mass, it
is doomed to ultimatley collapse into itself as a point with infinite mass
(the big crunch). This theory is difficult to test though because it takes
billions of years, well beyond the life expectency of the average human.

Thanks for the comment, mark

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