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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #357

Hello all,

2 questions:  1. What does glissade mean?  2.  I'm hiking the JMT this July
from Yosemite to Whitney.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Tennis shoes vs.
boots?  Also, does anyone have any suggestions, tips, brands, preferences
regarding boots or shoes based on their experience in the sierras?  And
finally, I live in San Diego,  I know that REI and A16 both have good
selections for foot wear.  Can anyone suggest any other stores in the area or
places on line where I met get alternative selections and/or better prices?
And are there any companies I can order shoes or boots from directly without
going through a retailer middleman?  Are there any good catalogs out there I
should check out?  Thanks.

Bill Kennington
AKA Wildman
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