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[pct-l] re glissade and boots

Bill wrote:

2 questions:  1. What does glissade mean?  2.  I'm hiking the JMT this July
from Yosemite to Whitney.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Tennis shoes vs.
boots?  Also, does anyone have any suggestions, tips, brands, preferences
regarding boots or shoes based on their experience in the sierras?  And
finally, I live in San Diego,  I know that REI and A16 both have good
selections for foot wear.  Can anyone suggest any other stores in the area 
places on line where I met get alternative selections and/or better prices?
And are there any companies I can order shoes or boots from directly without
going through a retailer middleman?  Are there any good catalogs out there I
should check out?  Thanks.

Hey Bill,
A glissade is a controlled slide on one's rear down a glacier or snowfield, 
using one's ice-axe as a brake. Maybe my wife and I will run into you this 
summer on the JMT. We're intending the thru-hike as well. I used to live in 
Diegoland, try Sport Chalet if the A's and REI doesn't have what you want. 
Last I saw, there used to be Sport Chalets in Grossmont Center, University 
Town Center and Midway Blvd, near the Sports Arena. I always thought A-16 
was a bit pricey. I'd only do a mail order on the boots after I tried on an 
identical pair at a store and the price warranted it. You've got to get a 
feel for the boot before the purchase (and break them in as well). No 
comment regarding sneakers instead of boots (as that is quite the hot topic 
on this site) except that there's some pretty rocky stretches near the 
passes. Ray Jardine's "Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook" is a must-read 
if your thinking about sneakers, as I believe you'd have to adopt a 
whole-system approach toward ultra-lightness before doning them.
Ken A. Marlow, GIS Analyst
National Geographic Maps (NGMaps)
email: kmarlow@ngs.org
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