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[pct-l] Hwy 74 Backwoods Restaurant

Responding to a couple of posts yesterday about the Backwoods: 

On my way back to Washington state from my holiday visit to Arizona I went
to the Desert Divide on Hwy 74 to hike the PCT for a day.  I had breakfast
at the recently re-named Paradise Corner Cafe, formerly the Backwoods
Restaurant.  The new owner has it open just Friday thru Sunday until 5 pm,
but they will be open on more days of the week once they get more
established (the Backwoods was closed on Monday and Tuesday in '96).  The
food is better now than it was before, I believe.  I highly recommend the
Huevos Rancheros for breakfast!  

By the way, I had a nice walk from Hwy 74 to Lion Peak and back, in cool
weather for a change!  I was surprised to find a couple of ticks crawling on
me, however.

Roger Carpenter

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