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[pct-l] hiking Poles

From: radney
To: pct-l@saffron.hack.net
Date: 01/06/98 09:02:52
Subject: Hiking Poles

Hi John,

Europeans have "pair pole" hiked for many years and 
American hikers are 
finding this way of hiking very beneficial.  I used a 
cedar hiking stick 
made for me by a hiking friend during our hike last year 
and it was "adequate."  I say "adequate" because without 
it my already unstable knee would not have lasted as long 
as it did, but --- this year I will be using a pair of 
Leki hiking poles!  It seemed to me that most of those 
that used a pair of poles last year seemed to have better 
balance, went faster, and hiked longer.  

Poles are also handy for all those fording adventures, 
used for better balance and traction in the snow fields 
and with practice, for self-arrest.  They could also be 
used to help hold up tarps for shade, remove limbs in your 
way and critters on the trail!

Good Luck next year -- hope to see you out there!

Happy Trails -- Pat

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