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[pct-l] Seiad Valley Store and Restaurant

Rick Jones <rjones@sisqtel.net>  from the Seiad Valley Store and Restaurant
sent me a notice that they have a web page now at

I guess only ONE through hiker was able to win the pancake challenge last
season. I personally thing that sending packages to the store is a better
idea than the PO, because you can pick them up 7 dyas a week.

He also sent me this note:
Please pass my e-mail along to any trailwalkers who might need some help.
Again the store or Restaurant will hold any packages, we still have the
register, and we still have THE PANCAKE CHALLENGE,one hiker ate the the
challenge last year unfortunately his picture did not turn out.We hope to
have a good year this time around.

With the challenge if you eat it I buy it and i also give you a custom made
t-shirt or hat with a picture of the pancakes on it and what ever someone
might want on it also.With my scanner and printer i'm now taking people's
pictures and putting them on hats or t-shirts.I have the t-shirt and hat
press to apply the picture right here in the store.

Again THANK YOU FOR THE HELP,hope to hear from you again ,and any other
pass and present PCT TRAIL WALKERS.


Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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