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Re: [pct-l] Heel Pain...

At 09:26 AM 1/3/98 PST, Jeffrey Olson wrote:
>Someone posted a web page URL for information on heel pain, either here or
>rec.backcountry.  If it was here I wonder if someone could re-post the
>address.  Thanks in advance. 

Was it this one?


This site made a terrific difference to me.  I've been living with a mild
case of Plantar Fascitis since late '95 and got a piece of information from
the page that, in two weeks, had me taking pain free steps first thing in
the morning.  The information was very simple:

	Many people reinjure themselves every morning when they get up.

The answer, for me, was to go on a strict "no pain" regimen.  Because my
problem was pretty mild, all I had to do was keep my Birkenstock sandals by
the bed and never walk in bare feet.  Two weeks later I was healed up to
the point where I could get out of bed in the morning and walk, in bare
feet, without discomfort.  I can still tell that there is some irritation
down there (squeezing my foot just past the heel still shows some
tenderness) but even that is getting better.

I'd had one person (not an MD) give me the "never walk in bare feet"
advice, but I hadn't paid much attention to it.  But when I realized that I
might be reinjuring myself every day the pieces all seemed to "click"

In my case the problem was a simple overuse injury.  My arches aren't
falling (yet, anyway) and my calf seems quite flexible.  Stretching didn't
seem to do much good, especially since (in retrospect) I was probably
damaging myself every morning anyhow.  On the other hand, maybe my calf
muscles are flexible because I've been stretching for the last year!

I wouldn't use this site instead of seeing a doctor, but it sure makes a
nice supplement.

Anyway, good luck.

-- Jim Mayer

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